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Make a difference with Simple Office's virtual address.

Use our business address in Novi Beograd for the registration of your company. Payment can be made after successful registration.

If you are starting your business, our location at Jurija Gagarina 231, local 329, 11073 New Belgrade, Belgrade, provides the perfect space for your initial registration. Once you complete the registration, please reach out to us so we can finalize the formalities and facilitate online payment.

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The most significant savings when making payments online

Why spend more when you can get everything at a lower price? Our virtual address comes with straightforward and direct online payment - everything you need, without surprising fees. No hidden costs, no VAT, just pure value.

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Located in New Belgrade, the Business Center of Belgrade

Our address at Jurija Gagarina 231, local 329, 11073 Novi Beograd, Belgrade, is situated in the dynamic environment of New Belgrade and provides all the necessary conditions for successful business operations. We own the space where the virtual office is located. Since 1997, we have been operating as a family-owned company at the mentioned address, ensuring the stability of your company's address

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How to use Simple Office virtual address?

Register your company using our address in New Belgrade. The registration address is Jurija Gagarina 231 office 329, 11073 New Belgrade (in Serbian Jurija Gagarina 231 lokal 329, 11073 Novi Beograd).

Once registration is complete, visit us to sign the contract and make the payment online at a special price of €39 per month.

We also offer other payment options:

  • We offer a price of €159 for three months in advance (which equals €53 per month).
  • The price for six months in advance is €282 (which amounts to €47 per month).
  • Special offer Only €399 for yearly payment in advance (approximately €33 per month)
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